It’s Time for More Remote Meetings


Why Managers Should Embrace Videoconferencing

Among office workers, there’s a complaint so common that it borders on cliche:

“This meeting should have been an email.”

For all the different contexts it’s used in, what always drives this message is frustration over time management. It represents employees wanting to just do their job, not get pulled from their desks to hear information that could be given in a more streamlined way.

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SIP and XMPP standards in Unified Communications

In this blog article we will discuss the basic standards used for real-time communications — SIP and XMPP — what is the difference, how each of them works, and, which one to choose.


The IETF has two documented standards for real-time communications that are widely implemented: SIP and XMPP.

These standards transport text information and rely on other standards for the actual media transmission.

As both support real-time communications, many question which solution is most suited to their needs.

Let’s briefly explore the history and purpose of both.

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