VoIP Is Commoditized — Or Is It?

VoIP Is Commoditized — Or Is It? Wildix Blog
Commoditization is where products become stripped away of their branding and the core features become the same. VoIP has become heavily commoditized, with virtually everyone offering the same core services. Yet there are areas of differentiation when you look closely. So let’s take a look at the root of the problem, the proliferation of countless solutions and the solution.

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Knowing the Market: Why Your Customers Need SMS and MMS

Knowing the Market: Why Your Customers Need SMS and MMS
Depending on where you live, SMS is, surprisingly, still king. While it may seem odd given the number of professional UCaaS solutions and free messaging tools such as WhatsApp, WeChat and Facebook Messenger, there are some compelling reasons businesses and individuals continue to embrace the 30-year-old technology — and many have increased their SMS usage over the last few years.

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Wildix vs. NEC

Wildix vs. NEC
Over the past few decades, there have been numerous brands exiting the VoIP space: Panasonic, Samsung and Toshiba are just there. Some have disappeared because they have seen diminishing returns and have realised that their models no longer apply. And others, such as Nortel, have simply gone bankrupt.

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Why a Good Go-to-Market Strategy Is Crucial For MSPs

Why a Good Go-to-Market Strategy Is Crucial For MSPs
A go-to-market strategy is simply a business plan to launch a new product to market. However, there are numerous pitfalls that businesses can fall into when planning their GTM strategy, and it’s these pitfalls that can cause a business to fail. This means it’s essential to adequately plan your go-to-market strategy and understand what you need to do.

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