Integration Via Communication Server

Using a centralized approach of integration via communication server ICS (Third-party Call Control) solves all the previously described issues (Integration Scenarios for a Communication System). In this scenario, our communication server tracks all the events, which is the most professional approach. It can work for both hosted and local deployments of the communication system.

URL / Application Pop-ups (ICC / ICS)

The simplest integration mode is to open a web service (like CRM) or an application and pass relevant parameters to it.

For example:

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Integration Scenarios for a Communication System

There are two integration scenarios that can be used for the implementation of your integration. The first is by connecting to the solution’s server (the server is the call router and IM manager). The second is by connecting to the client (the endpoint where the user interacts with the system).

We’ll investigate these integration scenarios in more detail in the next blog articles. Let’s start by discussing what parameters can be integrated.

What parameters can be integrated?

The following are the typical parameters that can be passed between the UC server and the application:

Events (sent by the UC server to the application)

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