Is Wildix a good vendor?

How can someone compare software vendors and their effectiveness?

Are they a good vendor? If so, how do they “become” good?  I could ramble on about SDLC (software development life cycles), Agile methodology, blah blah blah, but the truth is…partners don’t care about this.

What does a partner care about?  Partners care that a vendor helps them drive more revenue and more profit for the long term health of their business.  Or at least that is what they should care about.

So, what a partner wants is simple!  A system that can be sold for a lot, installed and maintained with no effort, allows them to maintain control of their customer base and is FREE!  Ah, such a blissful world! Continue reading “Is Wildix a good vendor?”

Slow your Roll

Slow your Roll
This is a phrase that we’re all familiar in the US. It means to slow down, relax or calm down. It means to think about things before you let your enthusiasm lead you too quickly down a path that can cause more harm than good. As a VAR, MSP, System Integrator or an ISP, we know that in the world of software updates this can simply mean… don’t blindly upgrade all systems at once. No matter how many developers there are or how many tests a company performs, new software releases can have issues that need to be addressed after the release. Perhaps it’s better to roll the software out in a controlled, planned and well thought out fashion. Continue reading “Slow your Roll”