Wildix vs. 3CX: Once More Into the Breach

Wildix vs 3CX comparison
One of the biggest strengths we talk about with Wildix is its open design and room for customization. As we like to say, you can build just about anything using our ecosystem, and the incredible use cases that Wildix partners show off prove it. But crucially, this flexibility is supported by the system being secure by design; each component of the Wildix system has built into its foundation secure principles and practices that provide automatic protection.

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Comparing 3CX and Wildix and how PBXs have changed over the last 30 years.

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Today, it is our pleasure to publish an article written by Bruno Donetti, Infrastructure Team Axitea S.p.A. 

In a technical neutral voice, he has shared with us his analysis, which has come from the comparison between the Wildix solution and that of 3CX, giving us a point of view on how communication technologies have changed over the last 30 years. 

Thank you to Bruno and our compliments for his great passion which, with much difficulty, remains hidden between the lines. Here is the text.

A while back I was asked for an objective opinion in comparing the Wildix system with that of 3CX. I was asked for a neutral technical opinion, no longer as a vendor-dependent technician, but as a manager and technician of my own telecommunications network made up of several Wildix, many 3CX, Cisco, Alcatel OXE, Asterisk. 

To comprehend the evaluation I feel it is essential to illustrate the skills and non-skills of those who venture into giving judgement among various products. 

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