WhatsApp: Competing Against “Free”

WhatsApp: Competing Against “Free”
One of the most popular communication apps is WhatsApp, with approximately 2.7 billion monthly users sending 100 billion messages each day. It has permeated most people’s lives. Yet the app is not only being used for personal use. Thousands of businesses use it in combination with other applications, but this has led to huge problems for those who need to remain compliant with laws around transparency. It’s also an issue for MSPs who need to convince businesses that it’s one of the least effective tools for communication.

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A Deep Dive into Wildix’s Security Policy: How We Keep Your Data Safe

A Deep Dive into Wildix’s Security Policy: A guy explaining the Security Policy to the people sitting in the room, which is located under the water
There are few things more important to a communications system than how well it’s protected. With cyber attacks continuing to escalate and businesses constantly increasing their points of contact with the internet, the chances of being hacked are only increasing. Worse, the fallout of a hack is only growing more severe, with the average data breach now costing SMBs $4.35 million USD per attack.

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