Managers: Do You Know What’s Next for Smart Work?

Offices are reopening. But that doesn’t mean your staff wants to use them full-time.

Even considering how long analysts foresaw a massive shift to smart working, it’s safe to say few anticipated it would happen this quickly. To put numbers on it, Gallup reports the amount of US employees who work remotely doubled in under a month, shooting from 31% to 62%.

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It’s Time for More Remote Meetings


Why Managers Should Embrace Videoconferencing

Among office workers, there’s a complaint so common that it borders on cliche:

“This meeting should have been an email.”

For all the different contexts it’s used in, what always drives this message is frustration over time management. It represents employees wanting to just do their job, not get pulled from their desks to hear information that could be given in a more streamlined way.

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What Does It Take to Activate Smart Working in a Company, from a Technical Standpoint?

Smartworking Wildix
Activating smart working in a company in just one working day — is it technically possible, or it is just another marketing trick?

In the recent weeks and months, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many companies around the world have been struggling to provide their employees with tools that can enable them to work from home while maintaining the same level of productivity and availability.

This is especially true for those companies who never had the practice of remote working in place before the outbreak. Just a few months ago, smart working was simply “nice to have”, and was used only by a small percentage of companies. Today, it is no longer optional; it has become a must-have capability for every business as a means of survival.

In this blog post we will analyze, from a technical perspective, whether it is possible to quickly and seamlessly activate smart working in a small to medium scale company and how much time it will take.

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