Advising the gold digger to go look for gold in a bank!


Finding NEW clients by looking for them in the right place without spending a great deal of money.

How frustrating is it when you hear your wonderful ad on the radio and you intensely watch your phone on your desk waiting for it to ring… but the phone never rings…

How funny is it to read the many odd requests made by people intercepted by those expensive AdWords campaigns…(the laughs are at the beginning and they end as soon as you see the invoice at the end of the month)…

How many times do we go to trade shows and are annoyed because out of the 10 people who come by our stand, 9 out of the 10 only want the freebies and only one (maybe) is on target…

This is the life of someone searching out new clients.

Then, your boss says that the marketing isn’t working, and without new clients, it is not possible to proceed.

We all know it is difficult to find new clients, particularly today, when clients are overly informed and “skeptical.”

Looking for new clients is strenuous and frustrating but, above all, it is very expensive!

Yet, there is a rather inexpensive solution that is readily available: Your pre-existing clients…what do you think?

I know that you have a problem with this idea.

Your problem is that you are afraid to ask anything of your clients.

  • You don’t feel like sending an email
  • Asking for something is rude
  • Calling is taboo

The truth is that there is no better marketing operation than that of asking your satisfied clients to recommend you to a friend or colleague.

It is called the Referral System.

You work in a company that has a client base that you have invoiced over the last few years.

This is my advice. With 0 risk.

Shake off any paranoia and start a frank and honest conversation with your clients.

Frankness and honesty are key in obtaining anything, even more so for getting “help” from your customers.

  • Write an email or a letter
  • Make a phone call
  • Send out invitations for drinks at your company or at a nice location

Basically, contact the most satisfied clients (if you know who they are) or those who have made purchases over the past year.

Ask them if everything is going well, if they are happy with the VALUE of the services you have provided them with, and if they have friends to introduce to you; Friends or colleagues whose life may be changed with your services.  

That’s it. There are methods that are more or less sophisticated but a question, simple, direct, honest, is the best way to obtain a result.

The positive response from your clients will surprise you.

It’s like saying to an ambitious gold digger from the Far West, that in order to find all the gold he needs, all he would have to do is go to the bank.

A more “aggressive” option: give them something in exchange. Create a referral program which will reward them each time a sale is made thanks to a contact they recommended.

It could be an Amazon Card (easy to track and send by email) or any other type of giveaway.

Go ahead and try it out with 10 or so customers. Carry out a test and adjust your message as needed.

But, whatever you do, don’t remain still and don’t be afraid to ask!

There is a mountain of gold in your client database, try to get some of it. It really is worth it.

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