How to Choose the Right Conversation and AI Business Intelligence Solution for Your Business

How to Choose the Right AI Business Intelligence Solution
With the explosion of AI business intelligence (AI BI) products on the market and the accompanying AI hype cycle, it can be hard to decide what — if anything — you should add to your tech stack. From a communication perspective, conversation intelligence, offered by many AI‑powered business intelligence solutions, is one of the most impactful AI technologies as it simplifies the workloads of customer-facing workers, provides transparency on ongoing sales deals and customer support cases and extracts valuable insights that drive business innovation and efficiency. However, determining which AI and business intelligence platforms offer high-quality conversation intelligence can be confusing, since many providers describe their solutions in different ways or combine more than one service on a single platform, making it hard to know what exactly are their strengths and weaknesses.
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10 Strong Indicators You Need to Change Your Hardware PBX

10 Strong Indicators You Need to Change Your Hardware PBX
Your PBX is an essential part of your phone system, distributing calls throughout the office. If you haven’t changed your system in the past 10 years (that’s 2014 or earlier!), you likely have a hardware PBX, one that sits in your office. While they were effective for most purposes at the time, there are much more modern alternatives, including cloud unified communications, sometimes known as unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) or unified communications as a service (UCaaS). Here are 10 clear signs that you need to change your hardware PBX.

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Building Better Communications: When Do You Need an Upgrade?

Building Better Communications: When Do You Need an Upgrade?
Your communication system is the cornerstone of your business, yet when was the last time you really examined it? Millions of businesses worldwide are using aging infrastructure, with a large proportion having a phone system that’s over 20 years old. All this means you could be missing out on the latest technologies that could significantly improve your business and efficiency.

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VoIP Is Commoditized — Or Is It?

VoIP Is Commoditized — Or Is It? Wildix Blog
Commoditization is where products become stripped away of their branding and the core features become the same. VoIP has become heavily commoditized, with virtually everyone offering the same core services. Yet there are areas of differentiation when you look closely. So let’s take a look at the root of the problem, the proliferation of countless solutions and the solution.

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