Earning Trust: An Essential Start to Any Sale

Suppose, when starting the day at your office, you notice an employee hasn’t come in yet. Let’s say his name is Dave.

You, the manager, got in at 8. Pretty soon, it turns to 9, then to 10 o’clock. Still no Dave to be seen.

It’s only later, at 1 o’clock — more than halfway through the day — that Dave walks in through the door. Continue reading “Earning Trust: An Essential Start to Any Sale”

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A Wildix Response to Communication Trends

communication trendsOn April 3, 2018, there was an opinion piece posted on the Channel Partner’s blog titled “9 UC Trends Your Customers Are Talking About” written by Rhonda Trainor. The 9 trends were:

  1. Communications shift away from email. 
  2. The rise of BYOD. 
  3. Wired hardware is almost nonexistent. 
  4. Web-based communications systems.
  5. Collaboration goes beyond the conference room.
  6. Video: Not just for conferencing anymore.
  7. IoT adds more devices and increases collaboration.
  8. Beefing up security.
  9. Say hello to WebRTC. 

The article brings up some really strong points, and we could not agree with them more. So, here is our response to the points mentioned in the article:

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More Than a Phone System

pbx in panneThe Real Productivity Gains of WebRTC UC

A new phone system is always a reason to celebrate – particularly if your last update was a decade ago or more – but sometimes the features that are most useful get overlooked or lost as your team adapts to your new tools.

A new Wildix UC&C setup is far more than just a phone system – it is an innovative and dynamic command center packed with useful features to support and facilitate collaboration and customer service at every level.

Often, new customers use the features they are familiar with from their outdated systems – enjoying better quality call handling and transfers, but missing out on some of the most enriched and powerful features of their new system.
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WebRTC Call Center Solutions

WebRTC Call Center Solutions
At Wildix, it’s important to think about all the areas of our business where a positive impact can be made by making thoughtful and educated decisions. Considering call center solutions is one of those decisions. The technology you use for your call center should provide real time insights into when your clients are calling, what they want and what times you need to have more skilled agents available. Once an agent engages a caller, they need to be able to access that individual’s account history and data, including all historic information, previous interactions and notes. Fail to supply this data or make your agent hunt for it between multiple systems and they simply won’t be able to efficiently answer questions or provide solutions.
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