Partner Story from Austria: TOOL IT

“I learned about Wildix from the recommendation of a Swiss business partner, who said: ‘Look at what these people do!’” – Hannes Jauk, CEO

Tool IT was founded in 1996 in Café Sperl in Vienna, between an apple strudel and a coffee – and this is not by chance if you think of the cultural tradition of Viennese coffee houses, places for communicating and exchanging ideas. Tool IT’s “leitmotiv” is precisely that, of providing the most efficient tools for company communication. In the beginning, the company was a classic IT business with a wide portfolio of services, but 10 years ago, it chose to direct itself towards VoIP and Unified Communication.

Hannes Jauk, a Tool IT partner, came into contact with Wildix in late 2015 thanks to the advice of a Swiss business partner, who was enthusiastic with the Wildix solution: “Look at what these people do!” The TOOL IT team immediately began testing the Wildix solution and quickly noticed that it was very innovative. In February of 2016, Tool IT completed the technical training process and began its partnership with Wildix. In its early days, Tool IT primarily installed the On-Premise solution, but they quickly realized that the solution with the greatest potential was the “UC&C as a Service.” Tool IT is now pushing towards this highly innovative solution, that surely represents the future of Unified Communication.

In the Tool IT portfolio, a company that has been operating in the market for over 10 years, there are also many other companies that provide VoIP services, such as Swyx and Starface. Wildix’s strong point is offering a solution that is simple to install and simple to configure. An example (among many): each device installed can be remotely configured, making it possible, therefore, to save time and resources. Additionally, the license system offered by Wildix is extremely simple and flexible: the end user can, at any time, modify their needs. This, compared to competitors who restrict their licenses with regulations and technicalities, is a great advantage for the client.

The fact that the Wildix solution is web-based and adopts the WebRTC standard is a strong selling point for Hannes Jauk, who believes that the future of communications will go precisely in that direction.

The numerous experiences gathered by Hannes allow him to state that Wildix is able to provide the best solution possible to the different needs of each client. This Wildix’s strength.

Tool IT has accomplished different projects, in which the main objective was to make available, in Cloud or On-Premise, a phone system able to manage more than one phone number. Companies that have a system with more than one number, require the system to be able to sort these numbers over all the devices (telephone, cordless, mobile, webphone) in an efficient manner. Wildix is able to provide this solution simply and efficiently. In addition, Wildix not only provides the software to manage the system, but the hardware as well. Because of this, the solution offered is integrated and problems that could come up due to hardware/software incompatibility are avoided.

Another strength of the Wildix system is being able to easily become integrated within an ERP system. This does not require more than one system (more interfaces equals more problems) but only one system – the Wildix system.

Naturally Channel partners have dreams and desires. While some of these are easy to achieve, others are more challenging. Hannes Jauk has a few dreams placed on his Wildix wishlist: “What I would still want are personalized training courses/webinars; in many instances there is a need to dig deeper into the awareness of the product, and often, this is not covered in standard training sessions. An example that comes to mind is the topic of APIs. It would additionally be very useful to be able to have some case studies, examine them and evaluate the solutions proposed therein.” As it has already been said, not everything can be achieved short term, but Wildix cares about its partners and tries to satisfy these needs. Tool IT is a satisfied partner, Hannes confirms.

Hannes Jauk summarizes: “I like Wildix. Clearly there is always an opportunity for improvement, and we have requests for new functions. But this is precisely a strong point for Wildix: meeting these needs. For example, the integration with Office365 was carried out and the result is excellent!”

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