Social Media In Business: are you for or against?

Hi there!

I am Alla and currently I am doing my first steps in two completely new spheres:

  1. Interning (quite a new feeling) in an global Telecommunications company, Wildix, and
  2. writing a blog article in the new workplace (Telecommunications is quite different from the Sports industry, where I had worked since I was a student).

But, no matter what, the challenge is gladly accepted and I can say that it’s a surprisingly nice feeling to find myself out of my comfort zone!

This little article (and the following poll) will be quite personal as I will speak about the things I have experienced in the past – and you know what? – Marketing tools and approaches in Sports and Telecommunications are incredibly similar – no joke!

I recently came across an article on an Australian website where the Author talked about “Pros and cons of using social media for business” – (if interested, follow the link). This article has inspired me to do a little research/poll, in which I would really like to have some of your opinions regarding the topic.

In the following, I will try my best to give a brief touch on “why social media is important in making your venture successful”- as you may have noticed, I am for using social media as a marketing tool, as I think it is rewarding and is really helpful in doing successful marketing campaigns; no matter what business or industry you are in.

My main points are:

  • Social media leads to real relationship building.

The main point here is the real-time interaction and touch with your customers or partners. Posts, comments and tweets give you a wider access to the customers’ or partners’ lives and make them closer to you and vice versa.

  • Social media helps in improving Customer Service.

You can have a 24/7 feedback from your partners/customers and it allows for them to engage with you in real time. This helps in bug fixing when releasing a new product or firmware, allows them to provide feedback on new products or services, and just simply shows your transparency and dedication.

I can’t stop myself from mentioning Wildix tech (and sales) Wizards here, the Facebook page, where Wildix partners can have 24/7 tech and sales support, ask a question addressed to the CEO, CTO, CMO, and so much more. It’s nice to have real proof – I’m sure you can agree with me? =)

  • Social media builds brand loyalty.

If your company has an active social media profile, it gives you more loyal customers. And this is quite understandable as when you’re engaging and interacting on social media, you become less like a corporation and more like what you truly are — a unified group of people who share a vision and address the brand’s philosophy to the audience directly.

  • Social media is the most affordable marketing tool that might “click” you with the “right people” from the industry.

For example, if your budget is little…you can build your campaign for free…and it’s just a matter of your copywriting skills and dedication.

I have proof from my own experience. I once managed to get a partnership with an important hotel chain in the UK, just by having a well-built marketing campaign on Facebook that eventually led me to its Marketing Director, and a fruitful cooperation thereafter.

I guess, the above mentioned points are not something new and disruptive for you, but for me, as a newcomer of the Telecommunications Market, it is really interesting to share my experience with the colleagues and get feedbacks on their corporate/personal experiences and opinions.

I would really appreciate if you take part in the poll below:

Social Media involvement in business?


    Thank you for your VOTES – they will really help in my research and
    future marketing endeavours!

    Cheers, Alla

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