Women In Tech: Quality In Connections Drive LOQEX Trio

Three women from LOQEX
As part of our Women in Tech segments, we generally talk to only one person in a company. Today, we had the opportunity to have a round table discussion with the team at LOQEX, a Wildix partner located in the UK but serving business needs around the world. Shelley Banks (Operations Manager), Farah Nazir-Chapman (Head of Business Strategy) and Joanna Palmer (Financial Director) joined us to have a chat about their perspectives on being women in the communications industry.

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Women in Tech: Linda Stiles — ElemenTel Ltd

Women in Tech: Linda Stiles
In facing the challenges ahead in tech, women continue to drive the industry forward through leadership, innovation and a perpetually courageous spirit.

At Wildix, we’re getting to know examples of these inspiring figures with our ongoing “Women in Tech” column. For this feature, we had the exceptional pleasure of interviewing Linda Stiles, HR Manager for Wildix UK Partner ElemenTel Ltd. Continue reading “Women in Tech: Linda Stiles — ElemenTel Ltd”

Making Sense of Marketing – A Quick Start-Up Guide

I have a question for anyone running an MSP or Telecoms Business: Do you believe in marketing?

For many, the answer is they don’t. Perhaps you think that marketing is outside your regular duties,  that it’s too complicated to handle or even that your business grows through referrals from your existing clients.

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Recently released in 2017, Microsoft Teams is storming the market space, currently with 13 million weekly users, and now one of the biggest workplace chat apps, surpassing Slack and Google Hangouts.

Increased growth of Teams is causing uncertainty to some Vendors who recognise Teams as direct competition to their business interests, thus revenues.

We decided to bring up this topic within our Ecosystem and speak about Teams, their possible influence on Channel Partners and the industry. 

We interviewed Tech Guru and Technical Director of Taurus Clearer Communication, Richard Whybra.


Women in Tech: Bethan Ganjavi – FCP Technologies

Women are quite literally breaking through the glass ceiling that once stood in their way and are standing alongside their male peers to deliver incredible results within the Tech World.

We are interviewing Female Entrepreneurs who are changing the face of Technology within the Wildix Blue Ecosystem of Partners! We feel honoured to get to know the stories of these amazing, moving, inspiring, smart and effeminate Tech Ladies.

I have had a personal pleasure of speaking to Ms Bethan Ganjavi, Director at FCP Technologies, one of the TOP Wildix Partners in the UK!

Adding just a few words from myself, I want to say that Bethan is one of the smartest, easy-going and fascinating story tellers you may meet, and I am sure you would like her journey and quotes as much as I did.

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