How Call Center Voice Analytics Boost Your Business

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The first call center was likely in the mid-’50s, thanks to the introduction of automatic call distribution systems. The ‘70s saw the centralization of calls to big businesses, and progressive advancements allowed call centers to get bigger and handle more inquiries. Scripts, voice recording and call stats helped managers supervise the call center more effectively. Fast forward to the digital revolution, and the role of the call center has dramatically shifted, with technological advancements helping to fine-tune every interaction through call center voice analytics. Call centers are rapidly becoming contact centers, expanding their role to become an integral part of building long-lasting customer relationships.

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Unified Communications for Customer Support, Contact Center, and Marketing Activities

Unified Communications for Contact Center, Customer Support, Marketing ActivitiesIn the previous blog article we discussed how Unified Communications can improve the team collaboration and management. Today we will discover which features can help you win new customers and retain the existing ones by increasing the efficiency of your call center and marketing activities and improving your customer support.

Contact Center – Call Center – Sales / Support Teams

Website Integration

Today, users usually discover an organization via its website after a related web search. Besides valid contents, the website should integrate real-time communication features to allow potential and returning clients to get in touch with the team and improve your customer support.
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Increase Call Center Productivity Using the Right Technology

Increase Call Center Productivity Using the Right TechnologyLearn how technology can help enhance call agent productivity and improve customer care.

Customer satisfaction is the top priority for any kind of business and it is up to your customer service to establish a healthy, trustworthy and harmonious business-to-customer relationship. It does not make any difference if call center is your core business or if you have to set up an in-house call center for the needs of your own company; You still have to make sure your call agents are equipped with the proper technology.

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