Revolutionizing Communication: No Walkie-Talkie Headset in the UCaaS Landscape?

The inventor of Walkie-talkie and worker using a portable hand-held radio device
The walkie-talkie is one of the most ubiquitous signs of communication in many industries, being relied on for everything from events to warehousing. Part of the reason for the use of the walkie-talkie headset is that the device itself tends to be fairly rugged. Yet they are rapidly going out of fashion. Why? Because unified communication solutions tend to be much more reliable.

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WhatsApp: Competing Against “Free”

WhatsApp: Competing Against “Free”
One of the most popular communication apps is WhatsApp, with approximately 2.7 billion monthly users sending 100 billion messages each day. It has permeated most people’s lives. Yet the app is not only being used for personal use. Thousands of businesses use it in combination with other applications, but this has led to huge problems for those who need to remain compliant with laws around transparency. It’s also an issue for MSPs who need to convince businesses that it’s one of the least effective tools for communication.

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How to Secure Collaboration Tools at Your Business

secure collaboration tools picture

Security in business today more and more means securing the collaboration tool used at your organization. Now that we’re into the internet age, it’s just standard to conduct official communications over the web. That’s opened up the door to a lot more flexibility in terms of how we communicate, of course, including a range of possibilities for remote and hybrid work environments.

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