Devices for home working

Devices for home working
What device do you want in your home and how do you manage the balance of working in the home environment?

Now that the future for offices containing the majority of the companies staff seems even more uncertain, a viewpoint that has been strengthened by Twitter who have announced their staff do not need to return to the office but instead are free to continue to work smarter from home, does this raise the question, what device is best for smart workers?

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Best practice when using video conferencing solutions

It’s all well and good having the great tools that allow us to work smarter, tools that are part of collaboration such as video conferencing or screen sharing.

But are you using them correctly to give everyone the experience that you are hoping they receive?

In this post, I will talk about the best practices for Video conferencing to give you the best results, both for the presenters and the participants. We will also talk about some of the basic mistakes that you should always avoid. Continue reading “Best practice when using video conferencing solutions”

Make the right choice! The 8 steps that will help lead you to success with a UC&C partnership

Having worked in the communications industry for over 25 years, it’s great to see a technical advancement that meets the requirements of the consumer; to have smarter solutions for communications rather than just voice.

Sure, Voice over IP changed many things but it still majored on Voice being the main method of communication whereas Unified Communications and Collaboration allows a much greater array of communication solutions.

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