A French Case Study: Carpe Diem Nursing Home

A contribution to the health sector and the Wildix solution become a fundamental part in a nursing home

Establishing a quality nursing home on all levels was the objective of Clotilde Hautrive, director of the CARPE DIEM nursing home, located in Compiègne.

From the construction of the building by Spie Batignoles group to the study of the information and telephone service needs, nothing was left to chance. This new medical structure, built in August of 2017, can accommodate 48 residents living with Alzheimer’s. These are patients who require a continuous and quality communication service, that is able to guarantee the wellness of the residents and that of the healthcare personnel.

“Today we have 25 employees throughout the structure, so it is essential to connect all of our DECT phones so that the communication is uniform and efficient.

While managing another nursing home, I had specific expectations on the solutions. We have, therefore, worked for the long term with Mr. Lombardi on the Altéa network for the telephone services.

The solution had to meet defined quality standards: Wildix knew it could satisfy the expectations and guarantee CARPE DIEM a productive and continuous service. We obviously needed a standard for the classic telephone reception. We chose to equip the health workers and the nurses with DECT phones to guarantee complete mobility. The Wildix solution, additionally, is perfectly in line with the safety requirements of a hospitality center, including not only the elevator settings, but also the fire prevention safety system, etc.”

Madame Hautrive seems to be particularly satisfied with the constant contact with her team thanks to the forwarding of the medical calls to her laptop. An aspect not necessarily ensured by an average operator in case of service interruption…

A year later, the solution continues to maintain all of its promises, widening its approval to the entire nursing home team.

Delighted by the guaranteed quality of the Wildix solution, the director has approved the replacement of the existing equipment at her second facility, taking advantage of an ulterior Wildix unified communications solution. ◼

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