Wildix vs. Microsoft Teams

Wildix vs. Microsoft Teams
To most business owners considering a business communications system, more likely than not a leading candidate is Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft is a powerhouse, and businesses that use a Microsoft suite of tools may even be using Teams already. Unsurprisingly, Teams is designed to integrate seamlessly with other Microsoft products, especially the Office 365 lineup. As a result, plenty of organizations see it as a natural fit for their communications needs — if Teams hasn’t been pre-loaded into their system already.

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A Deep Dive into Wildix’s Security Policy: How We Keep Your Data Safe

A Deep Dive into Wildix’s Security Policy: A guy explaining the Security Policy to the people sitting in the room, which is located under the water
There are few things more important to a communications system than how well it’s protected. With cyber attacks continuing to escalate and businesses constantly increasing their points of contact with the internet, the chances of being hacked are only increasing. Worse, the fallout of a hack is only growing more severe, with the average data breach now costing SMBs $4.35 million USD per attack.

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