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As a Wildix Partner, you have access to a wealth of marketing information, assistance and assets. With all of these tools at your fingertips, are you taking full advantage of these resources to boost your marketing efforts? Take a look at the marketing options you can start utilizing!

Marketing Kit

The Wildix Marketing Kit is completely free for our Partners to use and is chock full of helpful tools created to help you bring in customers. Many of our marketing materials are designed to seamlessly integrate Wildix branding into your website, social media or other digital marketing efforts. We also offer Stock photos and product images along with graphic templates for customizing your content.

We know that now more than ever it’s difficult to get eyes on your content, and all of the digital marketing collateral is designed to resonate with your ideal end-user. Digital marketing assets abound with items like our digital brochure, sample emails for end-users, and information about Smart Working.

If you’re looking for some presentation inspiration, we have a presentation kit with everything you need to knock your sales pitch out of the park, including an end-user presentation deck along with a script that lays out everything your customers need to know about the Wildix system in a context designed to help you close the sale. Once in-person events resume, we even have an event kit to help your team look their best.

With everyone experiencing webinar fatigue, a marked increase in emails and difficulty getting people on the phone, making an impact on your prospects is critical to catching their attention and, ultimately, their business. As such, make sure you’re sending them the very best content the first time.

Blog, News & Case Studies

Wildix employs a full-time copy team to write everything from books to blog posts. Their focus is to bring our Partners the most critical information when it comes to industry updates, new product releases and end-user recruitment, all so that your sales and marketing efforts are more successful.

The Wildix Blog is constantly updated with the most relevant info in the UCaaS space, and all of it not only works to inform you but can be turned into marketing material of your own. When you find a blog post that you find particularly interesting, it can easily be repurposed with your own spin. If you’re reposting on social media, sharing the link with a few sentences of your own thoughts puts a personal touch on the story. Connecting your company with outside content is a great way to show customers and prospects alike that you’re up to date on industry information. If you’re reposting a blog post to your own website is an easy way to fill in gaps in content. When you share blog posts on your own website, however, we do ask that you indicate that it first appeared on the Wildix website. You can find more information about sharing third-party content here.

The news section of our website is a great tool for showing your potential customers what others are saying about Wildix. We regularly include mentions of Wildix in media publications, podcasts and webinars in addition to announcements about awards our solutions have won. Press releases outlining our growth and new product updates are also available here and give your prospects even more information on the growth Wildix is experiencing while so many other vendors are winding down, or even closing.

Case studies abound on our website and we encourage you to use them in your own sales pitches. Stories from end-users across the globe are collected by our Marketing Managers and Copy Writers to showcase exactly how companies are putting the Wildix solution to good use. Verticals like trade & services, industry, public services, finances, tourism and transportation all work to show your prospects how companies just like them have been able to successfully tailor the Wildix system to their needs. Feel free to use these examples to show your potential end-users how they can benefit!

Marketing Support

Your region’s Marketing Manager is available to help you make the most of your marketing efforts. Whether you’re looking for some simple guidance to get started, an in-depth review of your website or a deep dive on your digital marketing campaigns, your Wildix Marketing Manager is available to help.

We often hear from our Partners that they don’t even know where to begin with their marketing, and that can be the best place for us to step in and assist. Your company’s limitations when it comes to marketing experience or employee bandwidth don’t have to hold you back. Creating a marketing plan tailored to fit your needs is what we’re here for! Meeting our Partners where they are, so to speak, is a crucial part of offering assistance that won’t overwhelm you.

To contact your Marketing Manager for assistance, click here.

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