The 6 obstacles that block the growth of the system integrator

wildix blog hurdlesThere is a common uneasiness among “classic” system integrators:

“We are unable to grow”

Regardless of the daily effort, abilities and experience, year after year profit is stagnant.

Sales never really take-off as you would like, and the books cry month after month.

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A French Case Study: Carpe Diem Nursing Home

A contribution to the health sector and the Wildix solution become a fundamental part in a nursing home

Establishing a quality nursing home on all levels was the objective of Clotilde Hautrive, director of the CARPE DIEM nursing home, located in Compiègne.

From the construction of the building by Spie Batignoles group to the study of the information and telephone service needs, nothing was left to chance. This new medical structure, built in August of 2017, can accommodate 48 residents living with Alzheimer’s. These are patients who require a continuous and quality communication service, that is able to guarantee the wellness of the residents and that of the healthcare personnel. Continue reading “A French Case Study: Carpe Diem Nursing Home”

Your target is the dictator of your activities

Over the years, I’ve studied, put into practice and questioned a great number of activities that were aided and assisted by books, courses and consultations. Some actions worked, others not so much.

Today, I would like to share with you the teaching that everyone who approaches marketing must always keep in mind, because it is that on which every activity is built.

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What is SCRAM Authentication Type?

In the previous blog article (Basic and Digest Authentication Types) we have started reviewing authentication types . This time we will focus on SCRAM which is a family of HTTP authentication mechanisms.

XMPP supports plaintext, digest password exchanges and also SCRAM (Salted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism). SCRAM introduces advantages over Digest, since it allows the server to store password hashes in an irreversible format.

This feature protects against offline attacks on the password and user database. The client can also save a hash-only version of the password, making it more difficult for attackers (who may have access to the PC where the password is stored) to understand the password in plaintext format.

Furthermore, SCRAM protects from man-in-the-middle attacks when certificates are used. This is done by allowing the server to prove to the client that, not only is the certificate signed by a CA (Certification Authority), but that it also knows the password.

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Basic and Digest Authentication Types

Authentication is the process in which the system identifies logged in users from unauthorized users. The effectiveness of this process is determined by the authentication protocols and mechanisms being used. In this article we will start reviewing authentication types that are used to verify the identities of users and decide whether they are really secure or not.

Basic HTTP

The first version of SIP used Basic HTTP authentication. This system is fairly easy to access using man-in-the-middle attacks. This type of authentication has been depreciating for some time now.

In HTTP authentication, an attacker can simply capture a packet containing the password and base64 encoded, which is then used to decode and perform attacks.

Not secure, indeed.

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