The three keys to Marketing: Sharing, Collaborating and Communicating

As you may already know in recent years’ companies, have begun to undergo radical changes in their organizational structures. Technology is making it possible for companies to break away from their normal vertical department or functional work silos and become more horizontal and cross-functional. These increases are leveling the old pyramid structures we were accustomed to, and it’s about time.

We have all seen or participated in a company or organization that is fragmented and disconnected, where employees from various departments are working on the same project with different objectives, goals, requirements, or the skill sets of one individual are within another group but are not accessible to all.

Today, to keep up with changing times, companies need to become flexible and agile in their approach, and enable teams and individuals to work together despite who, what or where they are, and to do this they must take advantage of highly capable technology.

The best way to facilitate this new functioning cooperative environment is to follow these three simple keys to marketing.

Sharing: use technology to share ideas in real time

In the not too distant past, to share a project and discuss it within a company, everyone would gather together in the meeting room. Today, with the use of software, we can share and collaborate on ideas in real-time, virtual spaces with collaborative capabilities offering immediate feedback and response. This remarkable advancement, which makes it possible for us to share our work anywhere and with anyone, also allows for continuous contact even while we are traveling or working from home.

Collaboration: to foster relationships between different skills

In today’s increasingly fluid world of work, the distinct lines among various organizational areas of a company must become much less rigid. Collaboration between people with different skills is indispensable, and it is important for businesses to maximize the capabilities of everyone by developing virtual synergistic teams. Technology makes this possible and thanks to our software even if you and your research center are thousands of miles away, working and collaborating in real-time is still possible.

Communication: the nervous system of each company

If a company wants to start working more horizontally, communication must be at its core acting as the central nerve and synapse system. Good Communications and Collaboration capabilities is a fundamental requirement for effective operational efficiency.

With Advanced Business Communications technology from Wildix, companies can rely on an intuitive, easy to use, secure and flexible system, which will enable them to communicate and collaborate with anyone anywhere in anyway.
It is only through a dynamic communication network that the organizational changes become sustainable and can positively affect profits and productivity.

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