What is WebRTC and is it safe?

webrtc-logo-vert-retro-255x305-1What is WebRTC?

There has been much talk about it, but perhaps it is not all that clear, what is WebRTC and how does it work?

WebRTC means Real-Time Communication via the web, or rather the possibility of being able to chat, make calls and video calls through the internet.

Imagine clicking on a button and, immediately, starting a call, a chat or a video call with a user ready to answer.

WebRTC is an open source project created in 2011, based on HTML5 and JavaScript, with the objective of revolutionizing communication by taking advantage of the power of the web.

Peer to peer, point to point communication, but also data transfer (photographs, video…) all easily from the browser.

What is the difference from other technologies?

No installation, this means there is no file to download, to install, and no signing up…
No signing up. this means there is no email to enter, to wait for, to verify…

This is where its simplicity lies, accessing the chat, the calls and video calls simply by clicking a button.

Does WebRTC guarantee security?

WebRTC is not a plug-in, it is an added component, but it is a in-build function of the Browser, which innately integrates security in the transmission of data using the DTLS method (Datagram Transport Layer Security).

Thanks to DTLS wiretapping and tampering are impossible.

WebRTC has, additionally, a point-to-point encryption system, thus guaranteeing the protection of personal data. Basically, there is no “mediator” (as with the solution server like Skype) through which communication passes, but a “direct” transmission from user to user.

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