The vacuum cleaner and Wildix Unified Communications

455421565Today I was peacefully at home, obviously working, but I will not repeat the story of how much Wildix technology helps me in this. No, what happened to me lasted only a second, it was just a thought.

And you might ask, what does this have to do with a vacuum cleaner?
Working from home has yes many advantages I wake up later in the morning, I save mileage with my car, I spend more time with my family – but forget the restaurant for lunch, I make myself a dish of pasta and off.
Time to get back to work, the table is full of crumbs and here is where the vacuum cleaner comes in.

I assure you it is not a low-cost item, one of the best according to the expert woman of the house obviously, and here it is, the tangle of the cord “costs” me two minutes of swearing to tame it and to finally be able to turn it on.

Two minutes are not very much but they become 10 when using the vacuum cleaner 5 times a day and multiplied by 365 days equals two days and a half (TWO DAYS AND A HALF for anyone who may not have understood) worth’s of time in a year spent untangling a vacuum cleaner’s cords.
And here is the thought in a second: do those who design, who produce and who sell that vacuum cleaner really use it?

Because if I find something which can be improved in our system I speak to Dimitri, just as all my other colleagues do, as well as all our partners, Wildix grows thanks to ideas which are born from the precise needs of each one of us. How do others design their products: like Wildix or like my vacuum cleaner?

Can you image the CEO of Avaya with an Alcatel on his desk and swearing because it does not work??

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