Learning is like rowing against the current…

Books “Any day spent learning something is never a day wasted”..

Many companies do not believe in this simple quote, because basically they do not believe in training.

Training is for many a waste of time, which takes away from work. But they do not realize that keeping constantly up to date is inevitable: learning is like rowing against the current, if you stop, you are pulled back.

Wildix is part of a still limited group of Italian companies which believes in training. Wildix employees attend various refresher courses selected according to the needs of the Teams.

The Marketing Team has concentrated particularly on the theme of online advertising in collaboration with the Studio Cappello. But, in the initial phase, attending the courses required a great deal of time and substantial costs for the travel expenses. Additionally, since several companies are present with different needs, it used to be difficult, during the course, to concentrate on the individual cases and the single needs of each.

We asked ourselves if this were not precisely the reason why so many entrepreneurs avoided training like the plague.

Wildix-MCU-videoconference-1024x747 This is why we thought that, as providers of Unified Communications This is why we thought that, as providers of Unified Communications solutions, the answer was our own same product: we began attending courses with an instructor through the Wildix Video Conference.

It immediately proved itself to be a winning decision: no downtime for the travel to Padua – the location of the classes – optimization of the work and of the training as well as the focus of the instructor on our specific interests and set of problems. 

The introduction of the Video Conference for the refresher courses revealed itself to be a great turning point for Studio Cappello as well, with a significant savings in time for its instructors and the possibility to interact directly with us, as in a face to face lesson, thanks to the feature of desktop-sharing..

We have an important piece of advice for entrepreneurs: not believing in training because it costs time and money for the company is not an excuse, it is a sentence to remain at a standstill where you are.

The same theory of evolution teaches us this: either you learn, or you will not live very long.I'm still learning

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