Why is Unified Communication necessary? – Globalization

The world is becoming small
The world is becoming small

Globalization is a process which has been growing since the 80s, commerce, culture, customs and thought trends become global.




Companies have entered new large markets. But at the same time, hordes of competitors pour out into their national markets.

The companies which have fallen in the field are already many and many more still will fall.

In the race for globalization, companies must manage clients anywhere and collaborate with associates spread out all over the world. The more distant the associates are located, the more they need the right tools to communicate within the organization.

those with the best tools to interact with clients win

In the global market clients can make comparisons between suppliers from locations unthinkable up to a few years ago. Companies must operate in an efficient manner and maintain the structure of the costs the simplest possible. If they are not careful management costs for those clients located far away will end up with them not being competitive. Unified Communication plays a key role in maintaining client acquisition and management costs low.

those who reduce communication costs win

An example:

Wildix operates in the European markets in France, Germany and Italy, it produces its own software in Ukraine and its own hardware in China. Personnel move only minimally and all interactions take place by means of Unified Communications.

  • A manager in Ukraine shows a product presentation to a technician in Germany.
  • At the same time a meeting takes place between Italian technical support, Ukrainian development and Chinese production teams.
  • At the same time the three country managers share best sales practices in a video chat.

There are more than a thousand interactions like this per day and they take place among only 60 people.

The competitors who reserve the meeting room and travel by airplane cannot compete.
Those who, in order to speak to a client, need to travel, in the same way cannot compete.

The global market requires a new level of efficiency, Unified Communication is the tool to gain new markets and not be crushed by costs.

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