Wildix Kite Implemented for Italian Real Estate Agency

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From: Webrtcworld.com

As WebRTC continues to grow and become more sophisticated, more companies are realizing the benefits of this technology and choosing to make it a part of their online presence. An Italian real estate agency has implemented Wildix Kite, Wildix’s WebRTC-based solution integrated with corporate telephony systems, to increase and facilitate the contact with foreign customers.

Emiliano Tomasoni, chief marketing officer at Wildix, explained that before implementing Wildix’s WebRTC solution, customers calling from abroad faced too many problems trying to contact the agency: The language barrier, high costs of international calling and time put on hold before being connected to a representative that could speak the appropriate language were all doing the opposite of optimizing this agency’s online presence.

The Wildix solution enabled the agency to transform its website into a powerful marketing and communication tool. Its “Contacts” page now featured “Kite me” buttons to increase the flow of foreign customers and engage in chat, audio or video sessions with the right company representative in a single click.
Via a set of Wildix JavaScript APIs, the avatars of the company representives and their presence and activity status (synchronyzed with the company’s CTI) are displayed right on the website. The languages spoken and the role in the company are indicated for each representative, making it for a customer to get in touch with the right person.

During the first two months of using the service, the agency increased its website visitors by 60 percent and sales by 20 percent.

As a result, the agency offers more personal and human communication online, allowing customers to see the person they are talking to, minimalize the waiting time, overcome any language barriers and contact the company completely free of charge. Video sessions also enable agents and customers to schedule virtual meetings to see the real estate.

“WebRTC will definitely drive the future of business communication,” Tomasoni said.

On January 16, Wildix will present other news and information about Wildix Kite at its Business Partner Convention 2014 in Milan, Italy. The company is also a participant for the WebRTC Conference & Expo, which is happening next in Atlanta, Ga.



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