Perspectives from the Wildix Partner Excellence Forum

Perspectives from the Wildix Partner Excellence Forum

At Wildix Americas’ premier knowledge-sharing event, Partners offer their experiences

As valuable as remote collaboration has proven to be, there’s no denying the value of face-to-face meetings.

It was with this understanding that Wildix Americas held the Partner Excellence Forum, a premier event hosted at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center. Three days in length, the forum served as a chance for the Wildix ecosystem to reconnect face to face, but it also functioned as a space for Wildix employees and Partners to share knowledge and experiences.

More exciting still, the forum was an opportunity to ask several Partners about how Wildix has impacted their business.

Achieving More with Wildix

To begin with, Partners spoke on the ways Wildix solutions enabled them to make critical changes to their business, as well as the results they’ve achieved through the new platform.

Daniel Clemmons, owner and sales manager at Danmark Communications, recounted these changes after their previous vendor closed its doors.

“I was looking around and I stumbled on Wildix and started learning more about it,” he related. “Wildix gave us the ability to be in complete control of our customers and the system. I wasn’t relying on other technicians to make changes for me; I was able to do all of it myself.”

Daniel had more specific points about the effectiveness of the platform:

“The two top benefits of Wildix would be the redundancy, because that was always a worry about being a cloud service — if the internet goes down, how am I gonna use it? But with Wildix, they have that solution built in through cell service for your cell phone.”

Changes even extended to how Danmark Communications now operates.

“I was managing probably 800 to 1,000 customers with six technicians,” he said, “and now we’re doing it with three.”

Trevor Naish, sales engineer at Nutec Electro Tel, likewise related significant changes.

“We had been doing hosted and in-house platforms with a competitor’s system,” Trevor said. “The two biggest issues with it were the time it took to roll out a new customer — or even individual users — and there wasn’t a great acceptance of the mobile application.”

Wildix, however, quickly proved itself to be a significantly more capable alternative.

“We found Wildix was a cheaper model, better by design and much easier to deploy to our customers,” Trevor said. “The mobility and web pieces were a lot easier to use for the customer.

“The top benefits are it being secure by design with no SBCs (Session Border Controllers), which makes it really easy to deploy for any sized customer, and that it’s very easy to use across desktop and mobile devices, with those all being the same user interface.”

These changes even brought quantifiable improvements for Mr. Naish and Nutec Electro Tel.

“On average, it takes us half the time to roll out a new user or client, and we also increased our profit by probably 40% over what we had been making on our old system,” he explained.

With this success and enthusiasm on full display, attendees at the Partner Excellence Forum made good on the event’s purpose of sharing pivotal information with the Wildix ecosystem.

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