HowTo: Multi Site PBX CTI Control via TAPI

ms-tapi-server_400-2This article is intended for administrators who want to set up a single / multi site PBXs installation and offer to users a CTI (Computer telephony integration) integration via TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface) for Microsoft Windows.

What is TAPI and its advantages

TAPI is supported by a huge number of client, server applications and allows to automate many processes between these applications and the corporate PBX.

Examples of such applications are: Microsoft Outlook, Voxtron (Home | Voxtron Corporate) , Firstel (Firstel | new ways to communicate in business), Salesforce (Salesforce – Wildix via Mirage Support), Microsoft Dynamics Navision. An Integration provided via TAPI can allow to automate outboud call generation as well as inbound call routing.
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Wildix Outlook Calendar Sync Beta

Have you even been called while on a meeting by a colleague just to whisper (while everybody looks at you): “I will call you later”?

Have you even been called or in the middle of your vacation just to say: “I am not in office, call me back next week”?

Imagine now a system to inform automatically  your colleagues that you are not available, on holiday, out of office. A system that automatically send the calls to voicemail or forward them to another number after informing of your status depending on your calendar status.

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Skype for Business?

Many of our partners and their customers are asking how to integrate Skype and Skype for Business (SFB) with Wildix and other SIP standard PBXs and especially how to make business integrating them. By the end of the article you will know what is working and can be used from today to integrate Skype with your SIP based PBX.

Let’s start with Skype

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