Wildix Outlook Calendar Sync Beta

Have you even been called while on a meeting by a colleague just to whisper (while everybody looks at you): “I will call you later”?

Have you even been called or in the middle of your vacation just to say: “I am not in office, call me back next week”?

Imagine now a system to inform automatically  your colleagues that you are not available, on holiday, out of office. A system that automatically send the calls to voicemail or forward them to another number after informing of your status depending on your calendar status.

We have been working on a great new office automation. A plugin for Outlook which will automatically update your Wildix Collaboration status with events from your calendar.
  • Install the incoming WMS beta (min version 3.82.32155.24)
  • go under Extensions, install Outlook Integration, refresh Collaboration and set up the Outlook Calendar section (with status mapping)
  • wait for the next event in your calendar to take place – your status changes automatically
Let’s see how it works, I create a new event with status Busy:
Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 18.29.33
My status is set to DND
Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 18.28.59
And since we know your PC cannot be online all the time the PBX stores two entire weeks of events.
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