Conference Call vs. Meeting: Which Is Better?

Conference Call vs. Meeting: Which Is Better?

In the days before the pandemic, choosing how to organize meetings for most office-based businesses was simple. If you needed to get your team together, you could quickly book one of the on-site meeting rooms. And if you needed to involve decision-makers from multiple locations, you could then choose between a conference call meeting or a large in-person session. Now, however, with Gartner reporting that over half of organizations expect more than 50% of their workforce to be remote or hybrid-working this year and, as we’ve recently covered, the move to remote work showing no signs of slowing down, more and more meetings are being held virtually — with some teams never meeting in person at all.

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What is Telephony, and Which Type Is Most Effective?

telephony services have grown in number

Better understand modern approaches to voice communications

At its simplest, telephony just means the technology we use to talk to one another at a distance.

In reality, of course, we all know the definition is much murkier.

These days, examining phone systems means putting multiple versions of technology up against each other. It may make some people think of rotary or touch-tone phones, and make others think of only touchscreen-driven devices. That’s to say nothing of the networks powering this hardware, the deep, dark ocean of technical details and acronyms lurking below the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

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