Integrated VoIP Services: What Other SIP Providers Don’t Want You to Know

Integrated VoIP Services: What Other SIP Providers Don’t Want You to Know

As a managed service provider, you know that choosing which products to sell and who to work with is vital to the success of your business. You also know your market and customers best. So when it comes to choosing the right SIP provider you may be happy to go local or opt for one your customer already uses. While this is a common solution that works with a host of UCaaS solutions, including Wildix, we’d like to let you in on a little secret: you get much better service — and less stress — if you ditch third-party SIP providers and use an embedded VoIP carrier.

SIP Providers vs. Integrated VoIP Services: What’s the Difference?

On the surface, an integrated VoIP service may appear to be the same as any other SIP trunking provider since it connects your UCaaS solution and VoIP calling service to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). But there the similarities end. For example, with CLASSOUND, an embedded SIP service that comes with a Wildix VoIP PBX, you have access to a couple of unique advantages that improve the service your customers receive and make your own business more efficient.

Simplified SIP trunk troubleshooting

Whenever you choose a different SIP VoIP provider to your UCaaS or CCaaS provider, there’s always room for things to go wrong. And as an MSP, it’s your sole responsibility to find and fix them. For example, if a customer loses service, you have to figure out if the fault lies with one of the following:

  • The UCaaS solution
  • The SIP trunking provider
  • A compatibility issue
  • An update

Once you’re done troubleshooting the problem, you’ll still have to debug and update the customer as to why incoming calls aren’t working or the SIP trunk is not receiving calls. And even if you can determine it’s the provider who’s responsible and they offer support, you’ll likely have to wait ages for the vendor’s help desk to respond. The result is that you lose precious time just maintaining the customers you already have, leaving you no time to find new ones.

But it’s not just service interruptions that can cause havoc. The more vendors you have involved in a solution, the more weak points there are for malicious actors to exploit, opening up your clients to potential security breaches, including ransomware attacks.

Since CLASSOUND is from Wildix, it works seamlessly with our platform, reducing the number of potential hiccups and security weak points. Choosing a solution from one provider also means that it’s pretty easy to place the blame. Regardless of which one of our solutions is causing the fault, as an MSP, all you need to do is contact our support team, and we’ll take care of the rest. And with support available 24/7, you and your customer are never left waiting for long.

Full international calling with one SIP trunking provider

While UCaaS solutions on their own are great at improving internal communications, many businesses need access to international phone lines and call forwarding. Unfortunately, most SIP trunk providers only offer limited coverage and/or national DIDs, limiting the ability to reach global customers, suppliers and even other business units. With more and more companies working internationally, having to provide a solution that’s tied together with multiple SIP providers raises the cost for the customer and creates more potential headaches for you.

With CLASSOUND, on the other hand, you can purchase DIDs from 100+ countries and territories and offer coverage across more than 200, all from just one provider. This means that with just one SIP trunk you can serve nearly every branch of a multinational corporation, improving their internal and external communication at the same time.

Even better, since CLASSOUND offers instant virtual porting, you can move customers to the new system with their old numbers and start receiving calls right away from CLASSOUND, eliminating any disruption in service during the handover process — a common problem when switching from one traditional SIP provider to another. And when purchasing new DIDs in CLASSOUND, the process is just as simple, allowing you to meet customer demand whenever and wherever it arises.

No installation required

While on‑site installation is becoming less and less necessary for many products on the market, using a third-party SIP trunk always runs the risk of needing extra time and attention to iron out any bugs or initial hiccups.

In contrast, in addition to instant virtual porting, CLASSOUND doesn’t require any on‑site installation or PBX configuration. Since the service isn’t the same as traditional SIP trunk providers, which connect VoIP PBXs to a carrier, installing CLASSOUND is as easy as enabling the service and specifying which numbers need to be ported and which ones need to be created. This gives you an immense amount of freedom and flexibility, as you can install and monitor more systems since there’s rarely a need to travel to a site. It also means that a switchover can happen quickly and smoothly, ensuring that your customers never lose connection.

Automatic SIP trunk failover

With a single SIP provider, you’re always at risk of losing connection. This means to add in failover you have to connect a second SIP provider. It may be difficult to convince customers who have avoided downtime in the past to make the investment, but they will also be the same customers who come knocking on your door out of hours demanding that you fix their system when the unthinkable finally does happen.

CLASSOUND avoids all of that by having failover built in, and it does it in two ways. First, it can automatically reroute calls through multiple cloud PBXs, ensuring that if one PBX goes down, calls can still reach their destination. Second, in case of a service outage, CLASSOUND will automatically switch to one of its active backup servers to provide its crystal-clear sound, so if one stops working, there are others there to pick up the slack. This means that customers are only faced with one clear monthly bill for a trustworthy service instead of multiple bills for systems that they might only use on a rainy day.

SMS and fax support

With so many unified communication tools now available such as chat, videoconferencing, webinars and VoIP calls, it’s not surprising that there are many SIP providers out there that don’t offer a SIP trunk for SMS or fax support. However, a surprising number of businesses rely on text messaging and fax machines daily. This is particularly true in certain countries, such as the US where doctors’ offices send SMS messages to remind patients of their appointments and still fax documents, even if the practice has gone out of style elsewhere.

Luckily, CLASSOUND offers both services, opening up more businesses, and even verticals, to our partners that they wouldn’t be able to win without these features. And while at the moment two-way SMS is available only in a limited number of countries, all customers can freely send messages not only nationally but also internationally. This ensures each business can adapt its communication strategy to fit its market and ideal clients.

Enhanced 911 and other features

While not everyone is looking to work or sell to the American market, certain things are necessary to do business in the USA that not every SIP VoIP provider offers — and that can land you in trouble. In fact, Ray Baum’s Act now requires every organization to ensure any 911 calls made on their premises or devices deliver an accurate location to emergency dispatch. Not doing so could not only get your customer or you into legal trouble but could also be a disaster for anyone suffering a medical emergency.

CLASSOUND, on the other hand, comes with not just e911 compliance automatically enabled but also E112 for our European customers, ensuring that every call made from a fixed or nonfixed Wildix device delivers a location to an emergency dispatcher. Additionally, CNAM lookup and STIR/SHAKEN inbound verification are available in the American market, ensuring that PBXs can not only identify callers but spot spoofed calls, enhancing safety and security.

CLASSOUND: The Secret to Your Success

While there’s value in providing multiple different solutions, or a unique combination of services to fulfill specific customer needs, using CLASSOUND instead of using third-party SIP providers with your Wildix installations guarantees you a secure product that will delight your customers.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what Mike Cranney, Director at Flex‑Telecom has to say about his company’s experience with CLASSOUND:

CLASSOUND has made our job easier as the majority of services we now provide to customers come from one single vendor. it just simplifies the system for call routing and fault diagnostics for us, and for that customer, it just makes it a simple bill and an all in one service. The quality of CLASSOUND against other international SIP providers cannot be compared, it’s just crystal clear.

Mike Cranney, Director at Flex‑Telecom

So take out the added stress and embrace one simple solution that will reward you with exceptional service and more resources to grow your business.

If you’d like to read more about the value of our embedded SIP trunk, check out our article Why CLASSOUND is Valuable for Any Business.

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