How to substitute a working PBX with a new one

pbx in panneI know of companies who sell insect screens during the winter. Sure, when demand is not urgent, one has the time to plan an investment well.

Did you ever “curse” yourself because had you decided to take measures earlier for a verification or a purchase, you would have saved a ton of money?

The car’s transmission belt which never having been checked, then breaks, the boiler with no maintenance, then doesn’t start, the PC backup not carried out and all data is lost… 

Don’t get nervous, you are in good company, everyone, good or bad, tends to postpone something which does not constitute an imminent problem… on the other hand, we have so many problems that, if we were to try to prevent them all, we would no longer be able to live.

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Learning is like rowing against the current…

Books “Any day spent learning something is never a day wasted”..

Many companies do not believe in this simple quote, because basically they do not believe in training.

Training is for many a waste of time, which takes away from work. But they do not realize that keeping constantly up to date is inevitable: learning is like rowing against the current, if you stop, you are pulled back.

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