How to substitute a working PBX with a new one

pbx in panneI know of companies who sell insect screens during the winter. Sure, when demand is not urgent, one has the time to plan an investment well.

Did you ever “curse” yourself because had you decided to take measures earlier for a verification or a purchase, you would have saved a ton of money?

The car’s transmission belt which never having been checked, then breaks, the boiler with no maintenance, then doesn’t start, the PC backup not carried out and all data is lost… 

Don’t get nervous, you are in good company, everyone, good or bad, tends to postpone something which does not constitute an imminent problem… on the other hand, we have so many problems that, if we were to try to prevent them all, we would no longer be able to live.

Our brain, in fact, triggers a mechanism which reduces anxiety in order to postpone as many things it is able to and enjoy the beauty of the present.

Then… bamm! Something unpleasant happens and we curse the time we did not follow our instinct and we take refuge in the comfortable dimension of “yes, there is time, I will do it later”.

The problem is that the solution to damage costs on average 3 to 10 times more than the constant maintenance for that which could break down. Regardless of this, we like risk, just like at the Black Jack table, when we ask for a card even risking to go Bust, and we believe in chance… 

fatoThen comes marketing which tells you that we absolutely must not believe in chance.

“Surely you do not want to be left stranded with a car which has a broken belt and damages for thousands of Euro?”

“Surely you do not want to go back to taking cold showers like your great-grandparents during the war?”

“Surely you do not want to rewrite your degree thesis, with just one chapter left to completion?”

Purchase! Substitute! Subscribe to the service!

Fear takes over and people begin to purchase.

The same goes for the PBX… “If it still works why should I have to replace it?”
Answer: You MUST replace it for two reasons:

  1. You are losing money with that old coffer which makes you miss half the calls coming in and makes your employees lose time in forwarding calls to people who are in meetings or away on vacation.
  2. You are risking that it could break down any day now, cutting yourself off from the world, but above all from your clients. You will be forced to take another one quickly, without being able to make careful evaluation and you will probably pay more. 

I know of companies who sell insect screens during the winter. Sure, when demand is not urgent, one has the time to plan an investment well.

Would you like to substitute a PBX which still works with a new one?

Tell your clients about the problems they have and are not aware of, tell your clients that their competitors, thanks to VoIP, online chat services on the website and mobility, are stealing one client per day from them.

Preventing problems is a form of significant altruism and, besides growing your business, it will make your clients more and more appreciative.

Try it, try writing two good reasons to your clients for considering the replacement, calmly and gradually, of the old PBX with a new Unified Communications system, which will increase productivity and grow the business of the entire company. 


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