Four Simple Strategies to Reduce Office Stress

As discussed in a previous post, stress in the workplace is no small concern. The fact that it doesn’t feel good is the least of its problems: beyond simple headaches, stress leads to a startlingly dire spectrum of physical, mental and emotional issues.

Worse, office stress is on the rise worldwide. According to Korn Ferry, in the span of 30 years employees have become 20% more stressed about their jobs. Similarly, the American Institute of Stress points to the combined topic of work issues as the leading cause of anxiety.

While fixing office stress will take definite effort, for now, you can at least keep yourself sane through the workday with these tips. Continue reading

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Earning Trust: An Essential Start to Any Sale

Suppose, when starting the day at your office, you notice an employee hasn’t come in yet. Let’s say his name is Dave.

You, the manager, got in at 8. Pretty soon, it turns to 9, then to 10 o’clock. Still no Dave to be seen.

It’s only later, at 1 o’clock — more than halfway through the day — that Dave walks in through the door. Continue reading

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Travel Guide UCC Summit – Barcelona

With the UCC Summit just around the corner, we’ve been thinking a lot about Barcelona, also known as Condal City.  Wildix Partners from all over Europe will gather for the premiere event of the year, the UCC Summit which will take place at the cosmopolitan capital of the Catalonia region of Spain well known for its art and architecture.

If you are already planning your trip and aren’t sure about what to do during your free time, or if you are going to take some days off, here is a very useful guide about places and experiences you can enjoy during your visit in Barcelona.

Where to Begin? Continue reading

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Tech and Families: Becoming a parent and having a career is possible

Smart working e maternità
The age of first pregnancy has been on the rise for many years. Today, according to Eurostat, European women give birth to their first child at the age of 30.7, four years older than 30 years ago.

The main factor behind this change is that women want to progress in their careers before starting maternity. 

While technology today allows women to take on these two roles, archaic ideas deeply rooted in collective thinking continue to lead women to believe that they must choose between career and motherhood. 

Tallinn, Odessa, Trento, Lille, we went to meet the men and women who make up Wildix’s heart. They tell us how, thanks to unified communications technology, they are living their parenting and career to the fullest, shattering prejudices.

For this first part of our “Parenting with Tech” Saga, we interviewed Daria Koval, Purchasing Manager and mother of Olivia who, at the time of the interview, was 2 months old. Continue reading

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