Wildix Has Always Believed in Dreams

The story of 4 children who got to realize their dream.

Dreams are the basis of our aspirations and must be cultivated tenaciously. It is by following dreams that the most innovative companies are born, and this is why Wildix has decided to help four children in Ukraine realize their dream.

odessaThe Black Sea Ball Open Cup in Odessa, is an exclusive, competitive dance tournament that can open up important avenues for young, aspiring dancers.

Maxim Dovbius, Marianna Yavorska, Nazarij Denisov and Daria Onufriychuk are all 7 years old, living in the small village of Bar, north of Odessa. Continue reading “Wildix Has Always Believed in Dreams”

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How to substitute a working PBX with a new one

pbx in panneI know of companies who sell insect screens during the winter. Sure, when demand is not urgent, one has the time to plan an investment well.

Did you ever “curse” yourself because had you decided to take measures earlier for a verification or a purchase, you would have saved a ton of money?

The car’s transmission belt which never having been checked, then breaks, the boiler with no maintenance, then doesn’t start, the PC backup not carried out and all data is lost… 

Don’t get nervous, you are in good company, everyone, good or bad, tends to postpone something which does not constitute an imminent problem… on the other hand, we have so many problems that, if we were to try to prevent them all, we would no longer be able to live.

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The three keys to Marketing: Sharing, Collaborating and Communicating

As you may already know in recent years’ companies, have begun to undergo radical changes in their organizational structures. Technology is making it possible for companies to break away from their normal vertical department or functional work silos and become more horizontal and cross-functional. These increases are leveling the old pyramid structures we were accustomed to, and it’s about time.

We have all seen or participated in a company or organization that is fragmented and disconnected, where employees from various departments are working on the same project with different objectives, goals, requirements, or the skill sets of one individual are within another group but are not accessible to all.

Today, to keep up with changing times, companies need to become flexible and agile in their approach, and enable teams and individuals to work together despite who, what or where they are, and to do this they must take advantage of highly capable technology.

The best way to facilitate this new functioning cooperative environment is to follow these three simple keys to marketing.

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What is WebRTC and is it safe?

webrtc-logo-vert-retro-255x305-1What is WebRTC?

There has been much talk about it, but perhaps it is not all that clear, what is WebRTC and how does it work?

WebRTC means Real-Time Communication via the web, or rather the possibility of being able to chat, make calls and video calls through the internet.

Imagine clicking on a button and, immediately, starting a call, a chat or a video call with a user ready to answer.

WebRTC is an open source project created in 2011, based on HTML5 and JavaScript, with the objective of revolutionizing communication by taking advantage of the power of the web.

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What is Real-Time Communication?

real-time-communicationWhat is Real-Time Communication?

Simple, one example is enough to explain.

An email is NON real-time communication, a phone call is real-time communication

By definition, real-time communication is any form of telecommunication through which all users are able to exchange information instantaneously or with negligible latency. Real-time is also synonymous with Live.

But in the Telecommunications world, what is Real-Time communication (RTC)?

By now we all use online chat or video-calling, thanks to instruments which had a very clear vision of where the future of communication was headed. (I am thinking of Skype which was created by 3 Estonian kids, Jaan Tallinn, Ahti Heinla and Priit Kasesalu, before being purchased by Microsoft).
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