Install a new PBX and… send your employees to work from home

Ufficio vuotoSuppose there is a company that would like to buy a new communication system.

What do you think they are searching for?
They are searching for all those features that help to improve the office work flow..

Your competitors do their best to extend the list of those features that would fit any type of business and any type of office…

Now you have two options: either you fight fiercely against them, or your use your brains and you simply change the playing field.

Change the playing field!
Take your customer outside the office* and stand out from the competition.

* (not physically but mentally)

Here is how you can do it:
While talking to your customer and trying to figure out the problems he or she has, ask this simple question:

Your question:
Can you please give me the list of those operations that make up the daily routine of an office worker?

You will hear this answer (or something similar):
Use PC, make invoices, orders, sketches, participate in meetings with 2 or 3, sometimes more people, send emails, do marketing activities, purchase something, print, drink coffee…

At this point you can proceed with interviewing your customer, trying to identify some individual problems the company has, offer the possible solutions taking into consideration the risks and the benefits.

This kind of analysis is always done before making an offer and it has two goals:

  • Understand how important the problem is for the customer in order to know which budget you have to resolve it.
  • Find out which prejudices your customer has (technology / brand / work organization) to understand whether your solution can be acceptable, otherwise your customer might refuse it simply based on the previous experience or on hearsay evidence.

Once this phase of analysis is finished, you can add this phrase:

Oh I’ve forgotten something. From the list of those office daily routines that you had enumerated, I’ve noticed that the only material outcome produced, is the one that comes out of the printer (the printed documents).
All the rest is being done on computer. I believe that sooner or later your employees could start working from home, at least part time. There are many benefits, starting with all the operating expenses, office rental, furniture, heating costs, after all.

Well, it will take some time, maybe several years… but there are companies that already do it.

In any case, you might need a system that would allow your people to work in the same way, either from the office or from home. What do you think?

Make this suggestion, say good-bye and go back to prepare the project.

Change the playing field to knock out your competitors: add these several points

At home or on the move, you can work in the same way as from your office:

  • NO client and no software for audio / video conference or to access the Wildix Collaboration
  • NO VPN
  • NO need to set up any software in advance and to disturb the system administrator

One week later…

Come back to your customer to present your project. In addition to your ideas, do not forget to add these points (not all of them, but at least those ones that could help to solve the problems of this concrete customer):

  • Wildix Collaboration allows you to collaborate, to make and receive calls, without any pre installation, even from home
  • Smartphone apps for calls, chat and presence information
  • IP and DECT phones that can be also used at home, without any complicated configuration or VPN
  • Secure communication both for chat and calls
  • Videoconferences without the need to install any software or client.
  • Desktop sharing for everyone, for technical assistance or collaboration

This approach will surely help you to eliminate many of your competitors.

Here are some documents that will help you to answer some specific questions your customer might have:

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If you leave a comment, thank you in advance!
And good sales!

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