Leverage the Force of Wildix CEBP with WebAPI

wtapi librettoNo matter how good your service or product is, the most important thing is to meet the customer’s expectations. Nowadays many companies request the possibility to integrate the communication capabilities directly into the web applications or software used in their company.

Integration of communication with business processes goes under the name of “Communication Enabled Business Processes” (CEBP) and it’s the next step forward in the software market.

The reason is easy to understand: people don’t want to open two separate applications, one for communication (no question how good and user-friendly the Collaboration tool is…) and another one to do their work. They want to make calls and send chat messages directly from the CRM/ERP application. They don’t want to be distracted from their work by annoying pop-ups coming from another software.

As a rule, such integrations are quite expensive and take a long time to carry out. You end up with saying ‘NO’ to your customer.

CEBP is often difficult and expensive

You’ve got only two options:

  • There is a huge number of articles on the Internet describing the techniques of refusing your customers’ requests without making them angry. You can study them and try them out in hopes that your customer would understand…

  • You do it with the easiest tool possible. It allows you to save time and money. It’s a chance to improve your software and make some cross selling money. Keep reading.


The Wildix Communication-Enabled Business Processes

Integration of Unified Communications with an external software or a web application is not a problem for those who choose Wildix. Making your customers happy is now even easier, thanks to Wildix CEBP with WebAPI. And you don’t have to be a web developer to carry it out.

Wildix CEBP, or Communication-Enabled Business Processes, embeds Wildix Unified Communications capabilities into the web applications and software used by people, to ensure the best user experience and to reduce the human latency. It is possible thanks to Wildix WebAPI.

WebAPI is a set of parameters and requirements that describe the rules of communication between a Wildix PBX and a web application. By means of these APIs a web application can talk to your Wildix PBX, in order to get and update user statuses, call history, perform login and logout of users and devices, update phonebooks, etc.

Wildix WebAPI: Do It Yourself

Wildix WebAPI extensions are realized in the form of a ready web application, but not limited to it. You can download the JavaScript library and then customize this ready example to your needs. You can even create your own one, by leaving only those extensions that you need, or by expanding them with additional functionality. In this case, you can make use of a set of Wildix PBX APIs published separately.

Wildix PBX APIs are subdivided into three categories (WMS, Collaboration and User Data) based on the field of their application. Most of them are provided together with examples, to help you to understand better their scope and architecture.

You can find the full information on Wildix Collaboration WebAPI HERE, including the detailed description of WebAPI plugins and extensions, developer documentation, a link to download the JavaScript library and a set of PBX Control APIs.

WebAPI seamlessly integrates Wildix communications capabilities into the workflow allowing the users to streamline the common tasks and get things done faster, which results in higher workplace productivity. But more importantly:

don’t lose a business opportunity.


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