Live-Streaming to Facebook and YouTube with Wildix

Live-streamingLive-streaming. We’ve all seen it pop up in our newsfeeds, channels, timelines…you name it.

Live-streaming is now a widely used medium for sharing information across the web. Whether it’s to stream an interview with a celebrity, share important news updates, or even something fairly trivial, like letting your friends know how delicious some fancy pastry is that you’re eating.

Or…you can live-stream your conferences and presentations.

Use Live-streaming for your Wildix Ubiconf conferences on Facebook or Youtube.

Why would you do this?

The beauty of a live-stream is that it enables anyone to be a part of the conversation. With the average Wildix WebRTC videoconference, you have to invite people to join it by sending the link – meaning it’s private. However, there may come a time when you need to share important information, and do not want it to be private. Thus, the beauty of a live-stream. Anyone can join in on the conversation, or watch quietly, without having to be invited, which can help to spread your message further than if you had sent it to only a select few.

Truly the best part, though, is that not only is it easy to set up, it allows you all of the functionality of a Wildix videoconference. Meaning you can share your screen, add people to the conference, record the conference, etc. exactly as you would during a normal videoconference.

You can also schedule out your Live-streaming in advance. If you know that you want to stream something to your followers, but want to give them time to prepare for it, you can. 

How cool is that?

For a full step-by-step explanation with photos, click here.

You can watch the tutorial on how to do it here:

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