Your technicians: a money-making machine?

Your technicians: a money-making machine?

Maybe you don’t know this yet.

But in your company, you have an extraordinary resource that will allow you to increase your revenues without any crazy efforts… and it isn’t your salespeople.

As you may have guessed from the name of this article, I’m talking about your technicians.

Apart from being highly skilled, your technicians have an extra advantage over your salespeople.

Here’s what that is: The very word “salesperson,” can send customers running for the hills, desperate to avoid being forced to buy something.

During the sales process, the first obstacle a sales rep must overcome is this wall of distrust and skepticism. He’s got to work hard to gain his prospect’s trust.

The technician doesn’t face this same hurdle. He’s seen as a skilled professional with no interest in selling, the Trusted advisor.

And that’s not all: customers are particularly receptive toward technicians’ advice and suggestions.

Technicians are the “heroes…” the ones who swoop in, solve problems, and keep everything running smoothly.

Now imagine if your technicians, in addition to doing their normal jobs, were also making sales.

How much could your profit increase?

Before you start to calculate that, let me make a quick clarification.

A technician who sells is NOT a technician that stops installing in order to set sales appointments.

He’s a specialist who, thanks to a specific process, identifies and solves problems a client is facing in their business.

He heads out to install and provide technical assistance…and returns to the “home base” with a signed quote.

It’s like a ninja sale!

To achieve this result, though, you’ve got to give your technicians a practical, step-by-step sales process, something they can easily master and use daily.

The process has to be flexible enough to work in the different situations technicians will encounter, and most importantly, it has to be specifically designed for the sale of tech products and services.

When you transform your technicians into professional salespeople, your competition will be left watching from the sidelines. You’ll exceed targets and set new records thanks to your secret weapon.

Good sales!

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