The (hard) life of those who travel

Lavorare ovunque

Wildix people travel really a lot: many events, many occasions, the Wildix Convention, business trips to other branch offices spread around Europe.

During the last eight months I’ve been working in Munich, where the Wildix German branch office is located. I moved there in the end of January, and since then I’ve been traveling really a lot.

I spend two weeks in Germany, than it happens that I come back to Italy, Trento, than on Wednesdays we work from home (either in Trento or in Munich, it depends… if not to mention the business trips).office-worker-sleeping-on-his-desk-at-job_318-63584

Not having a stable workplace might seem stressful: having two desks in two offices, having to always move your things between the two offices, your desk phone etc…, being always tired after those trips…

…But in fact it’s not that stressful as someone can imagine.

The only thing that I bring with me is my laptop, which does not weight much, by the way. And my laptop is all I need for my work.

On my desk in Munich there is a new WP480 which is always registered to my account: I arrive on Monday, I sit at my desk and I start working.

I have another desk In Trento, where I spend no more than one week per month: when I arrive, it takes me just one minute to log in my desk phone and that’s it.

Then Elena from Odessa office comes here and she can sit at my desk, log in with her credentials and start working right away.

Thanks to Wildix Collaboration my phone is basically always with me, in my bag.. and it’s not an exaggeration. Thanks to Zero Distance I can work from my home, either in Munich or in Trento, I am always reachable, no need to punch in.

And the most beautiful thing is that my phone number remains always the same.

As to business trips.. when I don’t have my laptop by my side, I turn on mobility and it means that I can receive all the calls also to my mobile number. Thanks to this feature I am sure not to miss any call. Calls are free of charge in Wi-Fi (otherwise, when Internet is unavailable, I can still use GSM with Mobility callback feature)

The age of four walls of the office is over. This is the era of creativity!

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