W-AIR, a Wireless Solution for the Enterprise

W-AIR SystemIn March we started shipping W-AIR 150 and W-AIR Base Small Business Edition. These new products complete the W-AIR offering with an advanced wireless phone ruggedized, IP-65 compliant and bluetooth ideal for any environment and a base dedicated to small businesses which supports up to 8 users – 4 calls and 3 repeaters.

At the beginning of April the new emergency features will be finally available on W-AIR 150. The emergency features allow to generate alarms in case of 5 events: man down, long still position (only if the phone is not charging), running, cord pulled and alarm button. Upon the detection of any of these events the phone will generate a call to a defined number and thanks to the flexibility of Wildix PBXs any kind of scenario can be generated, a few examples are: call to different groups of users – also over mobility, send an sms, email.

The phone after generating the alarm will also answer to any incoming calls automatically allowing emergency communications with the user.

The development of the system in the meantime is not slowing down. W-AIR systems are going to become bigger and even more powerful.

We are working on a list of features that will further enhance the way the system works.



Many partners are now installing more and more system in the range of 250 – 500 – 1000 and even 2000-5000 users so we are working to support a max of 1000 users over three different configuration modes:

50 bases – max 3 repeaters per base

150 bases – max 1 repeaters per base

250 bases – no repeaters


The current limitation is 40 bases and 200 users so we are going to increase 5 times the max number os users and more than 8 times the max number of bases.

W-AIR is becoming an Enterprise size solution. These changes will allow to cover installations of virtually any size by joining W-AIR networks together thanks to the following feature. Let’s check it together.


Multi registration

Each Handset W-AIR 100 and W-AIR 150 will be able of connecting to more than one W-AIR Network. This is really useful when mobile users are moving to different offices where different W-AIR Networks are present. The user will need to register the handset only once in each site and afterwards the handset will connect automatically and perform roaming over all sites. Before this change a handset could work only with a W-AIR Network at the same time.


PTT Feature

We see in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Push-to-talk a great feature for many scenarios: factories, hospitals, retail chains and shops. This feature is great of course also in emergencies features we added. Push To Talk allows audio broadcast communications over the entire W-AIR network. This feature allows to keep in touch with all users just by pressing a button on the handset and it is great in all scenarios where a paging system is needed.



Do you like these features? Where would you like to use them? Let us know your opinion.

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