Improve Your Customer Journey and Contact Center Operations with x-caracal

More on the new software that improves customer interactions and empowers call centers

x-caracal by Wildix
Especially when it comes to call centers and contact centers, it’s pivotal that modern enterprises make use of a customer journey map. Customer journey mapping, in short, is the visualization of the various stages potential customers go through when interacting with a company. This is useful for understanding how these leads see your company while learning more about it. Continue reading “Improve Your Customer Journey and Contact Center Operations with x-caracal”

The Universal Value of CLASSOUND

How Wildix’s global calling service goes beyond the capabilities of a traditional SIP trunk

The Universal Value of CLASSOUND
Implementing SIP trunks — especially on an international scale — is usually a difficult process. Even after finding carriers to handle call exchanges across regions, these trunks often have poor security due to no TLS support, as well as no failover protections and difficulties in installation and maintenance.

It was in order to solve problems such as these that Wildix initially created CLASSOUND, a fully Cloud-based service that goes beyond SIP trunks in its capabilities. Using CLASSOUND, companies can enjoy the full capabilities of a communications system with global coverage, combined with the security and maintenance they’d expect from a modern enterprise-grade VoIP system.

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The Latest Buzz on x-bees

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Essential info on Wildix’s rebranded collaboration tool

Whether out in nature or in the heart of the city, collaboration is pivotal to completing any project. This isn’t something that we’ve just discovered, of course — it’s the longstanding philosophy of UCC as a market. However, as communication becomes more valuable in our daily lives, it becomes more important to design better and better tools to achieve it.

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