Wildix Kite Implemented for Italian Real Estate Agency

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From: Webrtcworld.com

As WebRTC continues to grow and become more sophisticated, more companies are realizing the benefits of this technology and choosing to make it a part of their online presence. An Italian real estate agency has implemented Wildix Kite, Wildix’s WebRTC-based solution integrated with corporate telephony systems, to increase and facilitate the contact with foreign customers.
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Three new important trunk options

originalIn the latest WMS release three important trunk options appeared:

* g729 ptime – this option allows to spare up to 2 times the bandwidth used by a normal g729 call using ptime 20 – from 25 kbit/s to 12 kbit/s! So far just a few operators out there support this feature. Only compressed codecs such as g729 and g723 have an advantage in using large frames because IP headers make up a big part of the entire packet (IP headers + payload). For this reason the option is not available for g711a and g711u.
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