Instant Virtual Porting: The Easy Way to Keep Your Phone Number

Instant Virtual Porting: The Easy Way to Keep Your Phone Number

Moving phone numbers to a new service often feels like any other form of moving: long, tedious and slow. Much like changing houses or utility providers, getting a new telephony operator is often associated with too long a time spent waiting on progress — and, what’s worse, no ability to use your phone in that meantime.

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Wildix & Gong, Your Automation Combination for Sales

Wildix & Gong, Your Automation Combination for Sales

Automation is about a lot more than making everyday work easier. As we’ve discussed in our last posts, automating procedures can bring enormous benefits to the entire sales funnelall the more so when implemented strategically. More than just eliminating the busywork of one given task, the advantages ripple out through your entire workflow.

With all that talk about automating in the abstract, at this stage it’s time to talk about using automation with a very real setup: combining the Wildix system with the state-of-the-art business intelligence tool Gong.

Let’s see this actual case of process automation and how it brings significant advantages to your entire sales funnel.

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How to Automate Procedures, Step by Step

a robot scans three laptops

As we said in our previous post, there’s no shortage of benefits to process automation. When you let software handle tasks, you speed up your workflow, save money and improve both internal morale and customer satisfaction. Given just how much of a competitive edge the practice gives a business, embracing automation is downright pivotal.

Of course, it’s all well and good to say just how useful process automation is — but how does one actually go about using automation for a given task?

This is actually a delicate question to answer, because automating work procedures is critical to get right. If you apply automation to an area where it isn’t needed, your return on investment will be less than optimal. Worse, should you do a poor job of automating an aspect of the workflow, the process may end up becoming a sinkhole of time and money spent on fixes.

In this post, we’ll give you a simple overview you can use to plot out a shift from manual work to automated simplicity, all while protecting your technology investment.

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What is Telephony, and Which Type Is Most Effective?

telephony services have grown in number

Better understand modern approaches to voice communications

At its simplest, telephony just means the technology we use to talk to one another at a distance.

In reality, of course, we all know the definition is much murkier.

These days, examining phone systems means putting multiple versions of technology up against each other. It may make some people think of rotary or touch-tone phones, and make others think of only touchscreen-driven devices. That’s to say nothing of the networks powering this hardware, the deep, dark ocean of technical details and acronyms lurking below the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

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