SIP-ALG, the underestimated VoIP Enemy

SIP-ALG is supposed to simplify the life of SIP devices behind NAT/PAT and it works by rewriting relevant SIP headers and SDP session information with the public IP address of the router and the port used.

When SIP traffic is encrypted using TLS, routers cannot perform any manipulation of packets so that devices using TLS are not affected. This is why all Wildix users experience less problems while connecting remote devices and an a higher level of security.
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Wildix – Google Apps / Chrome

Wildix has a complete integration with Google Apps, probably the most complete on the market:

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Skype for Business, a Broken Promise

Paolo Bocci, CEO TED  Ingegneria dei Sistemi, presents his analysis on Skype for Business.

“With Skype for Business Microsoft aims to replace the PBXs of companies. In this article I am going to tell you why the choice is very risky.

I base this claim on three criteria:

  1. the vision of Microsoft;
  2. the completeness of functionalities;
  3. the architecture of the product.

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Wildix Outlook Calendar Sync Beta

Have you even been called while on a meeting by a colleague just to whisper (while everybody looks at you): “I will call you later”?

Have you even been called or in the middle of your vacation just to say: “I am not in office, call me back next week”?

Imagine now a system to inform automatically  your colleagues that you are not available, on holiday, out of office. A system that automatically send the calls to voicemail or forward them to another number after informing of your status depending on your calendar status.

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