What is Push Notification for Mobile Apps?

Push Notification as an integral part of UC&C system

Push Notification

Push notification is a message that pops up on the screen of your mobile device when you are not using the app. In fact we’ve been using push notifications for quite a long time. An example could be a notification coming from the airlines reminding you to check in for your flight or a calendar event reminder.

Apple was the first one to introduce Push notifications in 2009, Google implemented them in 2010. Today push notifications are becoming even more powerful, and we will see why in the next chapter.

Push notification vs Polling and other techniques

In the past many VoIP apps have been using polling techniques, in which the client had to poll the server from time to time to check if there are any updates. They were not actually real-time–you received a notification not at the very time it arrived, but after the app has “polled” the server. Other VoIP apps were running in the background all the time so that the user could receive an update, over-consuming the battery.
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The UX of Videoconferencing

The UX of Videoconferencing
The importance of usability in design

A fully functional video conferencing user experience is now par for the course within enterprise level circles. Your prospects, clients and partners now expect reliable uptime and full service features. Any shortcomings are reflected upon your brand rather than the conferencing provider.

The WebRTC standard is bringing a stability to video conferencing that enterprise level companies can trust, with a full scale feature set that combines the convenience of Google Hangout with the robust functionality of a Citrix brand line product.

The Basics of WebRTC Joint Functionality

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Wildix Cloud

Principal characteristics of the
Wildix Unified Communications & Collaboration solution
offered on Cloud platform.

The Wildix Cloud solution is a valid response to the necessities of those users who wish to take advantage of all the benefits of a Unified Communications solution also on Cloud platform


Critical aspects of the VoIP telephone market in Cloud

Currently there are various offers for VoIP systems and UC&C in Cloud but, evaluating the characteristics of each solution, the limitations in functionality which reflect negatively on the User Experience and which do not make them suitable to be used in many work scenarios become evident.

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What is Unified Communications (UC)

Understanding VoIP and UC and how they transform Business Communications.

If you are a business owner and you are looking to modernize your company’s phone system, you would definitely come across these two terms: VoIP, which stands for Voice over IP, and Unified Communications (UC).

Many of us are familiar with VoIP technology and how it is different from PSTN and ISDN. A VoIP PBX in contrast to a regular telephone system, offers a number of benefits. To learn more about them, read the blog article on Migration from PSTN to VoIP.

However when it comes to Unified Communications, many people still get confused, which technology or a group of technologies stands behind this buzzword?
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The three keys to Marketing: Sharing, Collaborating and Communicating

As you may already know in recent years’ companies, have begun to undergo radical changes in their organizational structures. Technology is making it possible for companies to break away from their normal vertical department or functional work silos and become more horizontal and cross-functional. These increases are leveling the old pyramid structures we were accustomed to, and it’s about time.

We have all seen or participated in a company or organization that is fragmented and disconnected, where employees from various departments are working on the same project with different objectives, goals, requirements, or the skill sets of one individual are within another group but are not accessible to all.

Today, to keep up with changing times, companies need to become flexible and agile in their approach, and enable teams and individuals to work together despite who, what or where they are, and to do this they must take advantage of highly capable technology.

The best way to facilitate this new functioning cooperative environment is to follow these three simple keys to marketing.

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