Wildix History /1: Where the Story Begins

Where does the story begin?

guinness_glass_1 Not everyone knows that the famous Guinness beer was tapped for the first time in 1759 in Celbridge, 23 kilometers from Dublin.

It was invented by Arthur Guinness, born in 1725, a businessman who decided to “dive” into the brewing business. He married Olivia Whitmore and they were blessed to have 21 children together.

It is a rainy winter evening. Stefano and Dimitri Osler are having two pints of Guinness at Pub Gulliver on the bank of Lake Caldonazzo in San Cristoforo, Trentino.

It is 2002, Stefano is 27 and his brother Dimitri is only 20.

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Migration from PSTN to VoIP


How to transition from PSTN to VoIP smoothly, painlessly and before it’s too late

Replacing the company phone system can seem a frightening prospect, since telephone communication is an essential tool we use in our daily work life. As long as the old phone system continues to function, we prefer not to touch it, and it’s understandable. But whether you like it or not, it’s time to consider the change.

Most companies in Europe have already completed the transition or are planning it over the next few years. Switching from traditional phone system to VoIP PBX is more than just a technological necessity, but a functional requirement.

Why should your business switch to VoIP?

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SIP trunking. The difference between PSTN, ISDN and VoIP.

sip trunkingYears ago when VoIP first appeared on the scene, in the time of dial-up Internet, it was associated with poor audio quality and dropped calls. Today it is no longer a problem, thanks to the increased availability of broadband Ethernet services. Large and small companies, public administration organizations worldwide opt for VoIP, while some other enterprises are still hesitant to make the move.

It might be just the right time to learn more about VoIP technology and SIP trunking: the largest telecom providers all around the world stop offering ISDN and PSTN in 2018 and have announced complete phasing-out over the next ten years.
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How WebRTC based solutions differ?

Acquiring a solution which supports WebRTC is one of the best investments to improve the way colleagues of a company and customers interact.

WebRTC can bring big advantages but not all WebRTC solutions are equal. In this article we will see what makes them different and which are the most important features we shoud look for when choosing one.

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is a set of multimedia extensions for browsers which is revolutionizing the way we communicate. It allows to create audio – video sessions, data transfer sessions in point to point mode between browsers (or other applications which respect the standard)

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