HowTo: Geo Distributed Dect Network with up to 1000 users and full Roaming. Really?

In this post we will see how to build a Geo Distributed Dect Network with up to 1000 users and full Roaming – with the following list of features:

  • up to 255 offices connected / base stations – 1000 handset / users in one dect network
  • redundant – all offices base stations are autonomous
  • roaming – users can roam over all base stations / offices and
  • user sign-on / hot desking
  • centralized phonebook with presence

Let’s now see in detail how this is possible.


  • up to 1000 handsets / users roaming over the network
  • up to 255 remote offices / base stations
  • each handset / user can roam on up to 10 networks (to reach a global roaming over up to 2550 offices / base stations)

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Wildix History /3: The body shop mechanic and the blue boxes

Illustrations: Laura Piaz

Such will, such educational preparation, such effort: Dimitri and Stefano design their own PBX.

They elaborate the Asterisk project, they dissect it, they “mess with it”, as is done with mopeds, but the risk of engine meltdown was always lurking.

Not much time goes by and the Osler brothers notice that those systems were unstable and that they would not get very far with those technological preconditions.

Yes, they made the phones work, but any operation which was more complex would compromise the entire system.

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Wildix History /2: The idea without the asterisk

Illustrations: Laura Piaz

Let’s return to the San Cristoforo Pub table, where we left the two Osler brothers grappling with their dream and their pints of beer.

“Industrializing what we do at a custom level”: a system of call centers for businesses.

But there are already so many call center systems, instead there is the dawning of a new area: unified communications.

Why not combine the information and system expertise and create a PBX simple to configure, as simple as surfing the internet?
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Wildix History /1: Where the Story Begins

Where does the story begin?

guinness_glass_1 Not everyone knows that the famous Guinness beer was tapped for the first time in 1759 in Celbridge, 23 kilometers from Dublin.

It was invented by Arthur Guinness, born in 1725, a businessman who decided to “dive” into the brewing business. He married Olivia Whitmore and they were blessed to have 21 children together.

It is a rainy winter evening. Stefano and Dimitri Osler are having two pints of Guinness at Pub Gulliver on the bank of Lake Caldonazzo in San Cristoforo, Trentino.

It is 2002, Stefano is 27 and his brother Dimitri is only 20.

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Migration from PSTN to VoIP


How to transition from PSTN to VoIP smoothly, painlessly and before it’s too late

Replacing the company phone system can seem a frightening prospect, since telephone communication is an essential tool we use in our daily work life. As long as the old phone system continues to function, we prefer not to touch it, and it’s understandable. But whether you like it or not, it’s time to consider the change.

Most companies in Europe have already completed the transition or are planning it over the next few years. Switching from traditional phone system to VoIP PBX is more than just a technological necessity, but a functional requirement.

Why should your business switch to VoIP?

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