Enter the Vampire Vendor: The MSP’s New Enemy and How to Beat Them

The MSP’s New Enemy and How to Beat Them

The MSP’s New Enemy and How to Beat Them

For today’s MSP, the road to success is long, bumpy and full of suspicious hitchhikers who’ll rob you the second you let them into your car.

This isn’t anything I haven’t said before. I and the rest of Wildix have talked a lot about “enemies” in the marketplace — competitors for Partners and Wildix ourselves.

Surprisingly, these familiar, unpleasant faces are still around to bother us: there’s the old, outdated Walking Dead Vendors; the young, mismanaged VoIPTruz; and the gigantic, yet otherwise unremarkable Carriers.

What more can we say about these old foes? Wildix Partners have already proven they can beat them. That’s why Wildix’s MRR grew by 274% in 2019 compared to 2018.

But the bad news is, there’s a new enemy in the market who wants to steal this growth away.

Unlike other sources of competition, this menace is a threat to Partners and Partners alone. They aren’t here to steal you from us — their real goal is to kill the channel by selling VoIP solutions directly to end-users.

This new nemesis is the Vampire Vendor: an enemy that lures you in with the promise of high margins, then drains your business’s “life blood” by stealing your customer base.

A Matter of Perception

By now, Vampire Vendors have popped up everywhere. But there’s something strange about their growth: it isn’t because of a superior product. (Usually, all their tech is just 3rd-party Asterisk junk).

Actually, it’s all because of the power of branding.

In reality, the Vampire Vendors’ advantage isn’t that they are stronger, but that to your customers, they appear stronger. Thanks to ad campaigns and a massive market presence, your customers see them as a reliable international solution, for both now and the future.

Meanwhile, those same customers see the Wildix Partner as small and unreliable — even though that isn’t true at all!

Striking at the Heart of the Matter

To beat the vampires, you have to play their game; you have to leverage the Wildix brand.

And really, doing that is much easier than you think.

The truth is, the Wildix market has a greater presence in the market than any Vampire Vendor. Their strongest company has less than 5,000 employees and covers fewer than 80 countries; meanwhile, Wildix and our Partner companies have a global ecosystem of over 10,000 team members, and we cover over 133 countries with Classound.

This information is invaluable in the customer’s mind because, today, they expect the security of a powerful global brand. They only want to do business with companies that they think will be around to sell them services in the future.

So to beat this global coven of Vampire Vendors, we must get together and present ourselves for what we truly are: a worldwide organization of professionals united under a single brand, Wildix.

It’s only by joining together that you can get bigger in the customer’s mind. This is the point Wildix Partners have to stress: they are all part of the Blue Ecosystem, the most phenomenal network of UC professionals in today’s market. They aren’t just “John Doe, Local Reseller” — they are Wildix, the big and powerful worldwide UCC network.

So, from now on, when a Partner faces any enemy, what I want them to say is, “I AM WILDIX!”

Because that message — and the features that come with it — are just as good as a stake through a Vampire Vendor’s heart.

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