Why the Channel Is Critical for Vendors and MSPs

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“They’d tried several vendors, but none of them wanted to do it. Then they came to us. They couldn’t believe someone actually cared.”

These are the words of one of our MSPs based in Canada, talking about a small setup they’d completed in the Caribbean. And it shows how the channel can get things done when major vendors cannot. But what is the channel exactly, and what does it do? More importantly, why is it so vital?

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Sharpen Your Skills With These Online Courses for MSPs

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Your business is built on what you know. From the services you provide to being sales savvy, your knowledge is an intrinsic part of your offer, distinguishing you from your competition. But it can be hard to set aside the time for training, or in some cases even find a course that is suited to your needs as a system integrator or managed service provider (MSP) when you’re already mired in the busy work of running your own business.

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