The Future of UCC: It’s All About Sales


The new technology that every business needs to stay competitive

There’s a big issue with how many businesses run their websites, and it’s something that you need to be talking to your clients about right away.

The problem is that for customers nowadays, websites aren’t responsive enough.

Sure, they have old-fashioned “contact us” buttons and email forms — but now, customers now want more than that. They want their questions answered instantly, in their current browser window with features like chat and VoIP calls.

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Enter the Vampire Vendor: The MSP’s New Enemy and How to Beat Them

The MSP’s New Enemy and How to Beat Them

The MSP’s New Enemy and How to Beat Them

For today’s MSP, the road to success is long, bumpy and full of suspicious hitchhikers who’ll rob you the second you let them into your car.

This isn’t anything I haven’t said before. I and the rest of Wildix have talked a lot about “enemies” in the marketplace — competitors for Partners and Wildix ourselves.

Surprisingly, these familiar, unpleasant faces are still around to bother us: there’s the old, outdated Walking Dead Vendors; the young, mismanaged VoIPTruz; and the gigantic, yet otherwise unremarkable Carriers. Continue reading “Enter the Vampire Vendor: The MSP’s New Enemy and How to Beat Them”

Skype is not secure, Microsoft: “use a VPN to access”

Insicurezza informatica

That’s not true, of course.
I just applied to Skype the idea of security that manages to create an “Open Source Genius.”

Let’s leave Skype aside and see what really happened.
Giacomo Brusciati of Comunica.Meta srl, an installer of telephone systems in the Marche region, has installed about 2,200 systems. First ISDN and then VoIP. Continue reading “Skype is not secure, Microsoft: “use a VPN to access””

How to prevent an internal attack toward your UC&C investment

Are you considering investing in UC&C to improve your company’s productivity?

Telephone calls bounce between internal employees, they have to handle millions of emails and exorbitant travel costs: at the dawn of 2018, it is clear that UC&C is the definitive remedy to inefficiencies in internal communication that cause loss of productivity. However, there is one aspect that you must carefully evaluate before moving toward UC&C – a fundamental factor on which the success of the company’s entire investment depends. Because even if you implement the most advanced technology available on the market, the risk of seeing all your efforts nullified is around the corner. And, as you could read from the title of this article, the attack you may come across is a real stab in the back… Continue reading “How to prevent an internal attack toward your UC&C investment”

How To Offer Your Services And Not Lose Customers

Losing customers costs money.

Primarily because earning new ones is a strain that is impossible to get used to.

And every day we wake up with the aim of finding new customers, despite the frustrations that we accumulate each night.

Care for our current customers, on the other hand, is so simple, that we often forget to even do it. The point I’m trying to make here is that, typically, once we have sold the product, it ends there. We send the technician for installation and we don’t worry about how our customer has experienced their product experience post-purchase. Continue reading “How To Offer Your Services And Not Lose Customers”